Navigating through the legislative process can be extremely tricky. At SAI Lobbying, our team brings in decades of government experience to ease the way through the system for our clients. With unparalleled understanding of the ebb and flow of a government that is constantly in transition and our extensive network of political connections, SAI Lobbying crafts the strategies and provides the step-by-step counsel necessary to adapt to those changes.

We are registered lobbyists with New York City and New York State and partner with associates at the federal level. Experienced in issue-oriented community outreach, our team identifies the key audiences you need to engage, whether they are community leaders, opinion makers, trend setters, government officials or members of the media.

SAI Lobbying works with you to:

  • Develop and tailor effective campaigns designed to heighten visibility among local, state and federal officials
  • Plan effective strategy for the passage or defeat of legislation
  • Enhance government awareness of your needs and services
  • Arrange for appearances before legislative committees
  • Coordinate special events and visits by public officials
  • Develop appropriate collateral materials that sensitize and educate officials about issues and legislative initiatives important to you

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